Faculty of Fisheries

Genel Görünüm




Faculty of fisheries at Mersin University was founded in 1992 under the higher education law of 3837 and it has begun its teaching and education during the 1995-1996 academic year.  The Faculty of Fisheries has been continuing its teaching and education and research activities in the second floor of a building located in Yenisehir campus with 24 academic and 13 administrative personnel using 5 classrooms, offices and 2 student laboratories. Research activities are also conducted in a nearby building allocated for practical studies. Practical building consists of wet areas allocated for keeping fish and conducting research in basic sciences and aquaculture. Aquaculture research activities are conducted in inland fish farming and ornamental fish farming units and in a room housing a semi-closed recirculating culture system in the building. There is also a small room allocated to aquafeed production inside the inland fish farming unit. In addition, there are several laboratories devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial fish diseases, production of microalgal and zooplankton species and proximate analysis of feed and whole body and fillets of fish and crustaceans and other organisms.

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