Vocational School of Silifke

Genel Görünüm



Mersin University was established with the TBMM’s (Turkey's National Grand Assembly) law number 3837 dated as 3rd July 1992 and began to function on 10th November 1992. It completed its 20th year in the academic year 2011-2012 and had its first graduates in June 1997. Mersin University conducts an affluent social activity program to support the education. There have been a great many opportunities and successful studies for our students to develop themselves scientifically, culturally and at sports, to follow contemporary developments in professional life, to share information with the students and academicians from other universities. Mersin University raised the number of its faculties to 11, schools to 9, vocational schools to 12, institutes to 5, research centers to 19.

For Turkish Students: Candidates desiring to enroll at the undergraduate programs or associate degrees of Mersin University need to take two stage exam conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). First, students take the Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS). Those who pass the YGS (minimum 140 points) are then entitled to take the Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) (Those who have the right to enroll in a program without an exam are exempt from this rule). Candidates have to obtain points between 140.000-179.999 to be eligible to enroll in two-year vocational higher education and open/distance education programs and a minimum of 180 points (out of 500 points) for all four-year undergraduate programs in the Placement Examination. The overall point of the OSYM candidates are calculated together with the points they get from YGS, LYS and their cumulative grade point averages in the secondary school. Those placed at Mersin University as a result of LYS gain the right to enroll on the dates specified by OSYM and announced by our university. 

Silifke Vocational School, which is one of the schools of Mersin University started education in 1994-1995. The students who study at Mersin University may be exempt from some courses according to certain regulations. They may be exempt from the courses if the application is in time and the content is approved by the administrative board of the related vocational school.

Associate Degree programs of Vocational School of Silifke are Business Administration, Organic Agriculture, Local Administration, Public Relations and Promotion.

Business Administration and Local Administration programs in the Department of Management and Organization makes the students have a high level of education which includes concrete principles and experiential learning. Department of Management and Organization provides necessary knowledge and skills required for a successful career.

Organic Agrculture program offers to educate and train students to demonstrate ability to research, analyse and present scientific and technological concepts and data in a precise and logical manner; knowledge and understanding the functions and operations of the food industry; knowledge of the scientific and technological factors involved in the industry and ability to integrate and apply such knowledge in the management of operational activities; ability to adapt professionally in a rapidly changing society; their perspectives with respect to social issues, responsibilities and ethics.

Public Relations ad Promotion program aims to educate and train students to improve ability to research,analyse; to teach concepts and datas thal will be useful in the future;to encourage students combine and use what they have learned in their careers,to give students a perspective with respect to social issues,duties and moral values.

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