Department of City and Regional Planning

Genel Görünüm

The aim of the programme is to act as a focal point for local, regional and nation-wide urban and regional planning, and subjects related with the processes that form space and research, education, policy development and development of innovative strategies towards implementation. In this respect, the education environment is designed to safeguard ethical production, sharing, distribution and putting into implementation of information, discussion of ideas openly, a participatory education environment, promoting research, adjust to changing approaches to education globally and nation-wide. In this program, aim is to develop areas of specialization, to increase capacities of multi-dimensional thinking, to relate theory with practice, and to develop analytical skills of students. It is further expected that the students would gain in-depth knowledge in several topics related to urban areas, would use this knowledge in relation to knowledge from other disciplines, would discuss and criticize different thinking and perception ways within their areas of specialization, would develop original ideas for contemporary political and cultural issues regarding their areas of specialization, and to produce an original manuscript by analysing all these steps. The Program is organized in strong relation to disciplines like Public Administration, Sociology, Economics, History, Archaeology, and Geology. The content and the scope of the program are developed regarding this interdisciplinary structure. In this context, there are “Urban Design”, “Urban Politics”, “Urban Conservation”, and “Regional Development” as sub specialization areas corresponding to different specializations. In pursuing the undergraduate level studies and research, it is expected that the students would specialize among the sub-areas of specialization, would gain in-depth knowledge and develop original contributions in accordance.

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