Department of Architecture

Genel Görünüm

Department of Architecture at Mersin University is founded in 1999 and has been actively involved in undergraduate education and research since 2002 under the Faculty of Architecture. The goal of the Department of Architecture is to create socially and culturally aware, technologically equipped architects who integrate technical and aesthetic values, understand, discuss and interpret general architectural issues and who are able to create solutions for real-world problems. Besdes, the Department aims at educating intellectuals with flexible, critical, and creative thinking, motivation for research and learning, and with developed communication and organisation skills. The program content specially focuses on student-centred education and all education components are designed with this mission. Each semester curriculum includes a major design project studio course and supporting courses on architectural theory and history, architectural technology, building science, restoration and conservation, computer-aided design and several electives starting from the fifth semester. 

The candidates are required to have a certificate of a high school or any equivalent institution and to get satisfactory points from the Central National University Entrance Examination. Education language is 30% English and 70% in Turkish. The graduates who successfully complete all requirements of the Department of Architecture are awarded the degree of BACHELOR of ARCHITECTURE.

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