Department of Journalism

Genel Görünüm

Journalism Department was established to educate individuals with the ability and equipment that media sector needs and can make scientific research on journalism. Our department focuses on educating communicators who master on planning and producing processes of electronic media, have modern professional and intellectual qualities, creative, questioning, have critical point of view. Therefore, our students are educated both theoretically and practically on fields of collecting, writing, photographing, and planning the news. In addition, theoretical and practical information, comments and researches from different perspectives on political-economic structure and cultural functions of media that play an important role in the social dynamics are conveyed to the students.

Students have the opportunity to apply the information they learn during the classes with the help of the studio and laboratories in the department. The students, who are also informed about television and radio journalism, are able to perform applications on the news center of the university radio.

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

1. şaşmaz, C.; Ardıç çobaner, A.; özcanarslan, F.; Koç, M.; Bahar, E.; Acar, .; Buğdaycı yalçın, B.; Akıcı, D.; öztosun, E. The investigation of drug or stimulant usage prevalence and related factors among university students in Mersin in Turkey. JOURNAL OF SUBSTANCE USE, 2022, 27, 168-173.

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