Department of International Relations

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Founded in 2015-2016 academic year, Department of International Relations at Mersin University offers an undergraduate and a Master’s degree program. The language of instruction is 30% English, i.e. each semester 2-3 courses are offered in English language. In line with interdisciplinary nature of the field, in addition to rich conceptual and theoretical education in International Relations field, students take courses on fundamentals of comparative politics, history, law, and economics. Our strategic mission is to enable students to gain important skills and knowledge to understand and analyze national, regional and global developments in today’s globalized world. Our vision is to prepare our students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and responsible citizens. Our faculty members, who are recognized as experts in their fields of research, provide students a dynamic environment to learn, discuss and analyze the current state of the literature in various topics.


In addition to the department’s diverse student profile coming from different parts of the world, our students have the opportunity to experience studying and working in a multi-cultural setting through Erasmus study abroad and internship abroad programs. Located in the vibrant Mediterranean coastal city of Mersin, which is an international trade hub with its international port, the department is the place to study International Relations and enjoy the student life. Our alumni have the opportunity to work in private and public sector as well as to continue their studies at graduate level. 

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