Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

Genel Görünüm


Founded in the academic year of 2010-2011, the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations in University of Mersin, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences started giving education with 30 students. Labor economics, social politics, industrial relations and human resources, and labor law and social security law are the four branches forming the Department. The first alumnis were graduated from our department at the end of the academic year of 2013-2014.

Recently, the fast developments in the economy have not been reflected on the social field the same amount. It is not effective enough to address the problems that affect the whole population, such as unemployment, powerty, inequity in income distribution, the problem with social security, and social isolation with solely economic politics. Strong social politics that accompany economy politics are needed. Therefore, our department aims to graduate students who are sensitive towards occuring global and national social problems, and who are able to produce solutions, who follow recent developments in their field, who are able to think independently, and who have internalized academic thinking, a critical mind, and learning throghout their lifespan

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