Module-2: Project support

The main purpose of this module is to be guide to academic (ARDEB) and University-Industry cooperation (TEYDEB)  projects for researchers, academicians, students and business communities.

In this direction tasks of this module can be listed as follow;

• Execution of promotional activities of National and International Support Programs to different institutions and organizations,

• Making call announcements for support programs,

• Providing project preparation, writing, execution and reporting support,

• Implementation of preliminary evaluation services for project proposals,

• Supporting the process of revising rejected projects,

• Organizing trainings and information meetings on support programs,

• Providing the necessary coordination and administrative support when the projects are carried out successfully,

• Establishment of cooperations with the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Science Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate, Industrial Organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Promotion Administration Presidency and Non-Governmental Organizations

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