Student Study Mobility


General description

The Erasmus Program (EuRopean community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a European Union (EU) student exchange program established in 1987, for transnational cooperation, in the field of Higher Education, promoting mobility activities for students, teachers and non-teachers. Erasmus+, or Erasmus Plus, is the new program combining all the EU's current schemes for education, training, youth and sport, which was started in January 2014.


More details

Students who join the Erasmus Program, study at least 3 months or do an internship for a period of at least 2 months to an academic year in another European country. The former case is called a Student Mobility for Studies or SMS, while the latter case is called a Student Mobility of Placement or SMP.  The Erasmus Program guarantees that the period spent abroad is recognized by their university when they come back, as long as they abide by terms previously agreed. A main part of the program is that students do not pay extra tuition fees to the university that they visit. Students can also apply for an Erasmus grant to help cover the additional expense of living abroad. Students with disabilities can apply for an additional grant to cover extraordinary expenses.


Who can participate?

To participate, the student must be enrolled and attending in Mersin university a course leading to a degree, from undergraduate to doctorate, including in any area of study. Under the Erasmus + Program, students can do up to 12 months of mobility per study cycle (1st, 2nd and 3rd), regardless of the number and type of activities. To be mobile in the Studies section of the Erasmus + Program, the student must be enrolled, at least, in the second year of the degree. The grade point average should be at least 62 (out of 100) or 2.2 (out of 4). Also, recent graduates can participate, but in the Internship aspect, and as long as they still apply as finalists. The internship must be carried out within 1 year after the end of the course.


How to apply

Before applying, at first it needs to do pre-application. The general objective of the pre-application process is to give the student the opportunity to demonstrate his/her interest in participating in the ERASMUS + program (studies or internship). As there is a limitation to send student (to study or doing internship), after pre-application, all the cases will evaluate. The evaluation would be based on student’s documents and also language exam mark. (each of them has 50% of wight).

After the end of the pre-application period, if selected by the mobility coordinator, you will be contacted by the international relations office - if the option is Studies - to proceed to the application for the host institution, or by the internship office and professional opportunities - if the option is Internship - on the necessary procedures to carry out your mobility. The Mobility Coordinator of the training area is responsible for selecting students to participate in the Erasmus + Program.


Pre-application for study:

Eligible applicants must deliver a copy of the application form and transcript to the Erasmus division of International office of Mersin University. (You need to sign when you deliver your documents.)


Pre-application for internship:

Eligible applicants must deliver a copy of the application form, transcript and acceptance letter from host institute to the Erasmus division of International office of Mersin University. (You need to sign when you deliver your documents)



Before making your pre-application, consult the information of foreign institutions (admission criteria, mandatory language requirements, accommodation conditions and cost of living in the country, etc.) and consult with the departmental mobility coordinator about the best options,  also try to take into account the study / work plan you intend to carry out.


Which countries are eligible to participate in Erasmus+?   

As a general rule the Erasmus+ program is open to countries which include member states of the European Union as well as non-EU program countries. Other countries can participate in the program on a limited basis and may participate in certain actions or according to specific conditions, these are known as partner countries. More information about participating countries can be found on below link:


Destination universities for students

Bilateral Erasmus + agreements organized by Department / Polytechnic School. Applicants to the Erasmus + Mobility program (Studies section) should use these lists to make their choice of destinations within the pre-application process. You can also find other related forms in link below:



Host companies for Erasmus internships

Institutions eligible for an internship should preferably be companies and have the capacity to provide an internship, within the candidate's area of study, providing the technical and human resources for its proper development. If you are looking for Erasmus Internship, these sites may help you:



It is not possible to do an internship at the following institutions:

1-      EU institutions or other EU bodies, including specialized agencies (you can consult the exhaustive list of these bodies on the

2-      Organizations that they manage EU programs (in order to avoid any possible conflicts of interest and / or double funding).

The choice of the host entity is the responsibility of the candidate and the department since the internship must meet the training and academic requirements of the candidate.


Information for companies

The involvement of companies in international projects and the welcoming of students to carry out practical components, offer the company a strategic international dimension in its economic area of activity, while having the opportunity to support higher education institutions in the employability of their employees. students. For more information, visit the official website of the European Commission.



It is the responsibility of Erasmus Coordinators to continue, in general, all tasks inherent in the implementation of the Erasmus program, and, in particular, to ensure the definition and explanation of the candidates' ranking criteria. The ERASMUS Coordinator is also responsible for the guidance and monitoring of national and foreign Erasmus students, with a view to defining and structuring the appropriate course plan to be attended by them. In link below you can find List of Erasmus Coordinators by area:



The amount of scholarships depends on the country of destination and the Erasmus program. You can check it out in the table below.



Study (Euro)

Internship (Euro)

United Kingdom – Denmark – Finland - Ireland – Luxembourg – Liechtenstein – Iceland – Sweden – France - Belgium - Austria - Germany - Norway - Spain - Netherlands - South Cyprus - Greece - Portugal - Malta - Italy



Estonia - Czech Republic - Bulgaria - Hungary - Lithuania - Latvia - Croatia - Serbia - Romania - Poland - Macedonia - Slovakia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Turkey




Registration at the host institution

It is the responsibility of the international student support services / Erasmus, of the host institution, to inform you of how to proceed with your enrollment in the subjects included in your study plan. It is likely that you will be asked for a set of documents, which you must present (for example: passport photos, identification document, “Letter of Acceptance” from the host institution, declaration of selection for the mobility program, etc.)

The student must have a copy of the enrollment record. Attention: this registration is mandatory and you must strictly follow the instructions and deadlines indicated.

The services must also inform you about other issues, such as accommodation, welcome and orientation session, student card (and / or Library, food, etc.), data for internet access at the university, language course (if applicable), and, very importantly, who will be your Erasmus Coordinator at the host institution, who will be responsible for your study plan.


Declaration of presence

It will also be in the international student support services / Erasmus that you should request the signature and stamp of your “Certificate of Arrival”, a document that will be sent to you by the Mersin International Relations Office, before starting your study period. This declaration is confirmation of your stay at the host University and it is mandatory to complete, sign and return to the Mersin Erasmus office. Without receiving this duly validated document, the student will not be able to receive the Erasmus Scholarship, if it has been awarded.


Applicants with Special Needs

The European Commission has adopted a general policy aimed at integrating people with special needs into all community actions and policies, especially in the field of education. Under the Erasmus + Program, applicants with special needs must follow the criteria and the application form for the National Agency's Financial Support. You can find more information and specific guidelines on the following links from the European Commission:



For any questions, feel free to contact to the department of foreign affairs office of Mersin university:

Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Yenisehir Campus, 33169 Yenişehir/ Mersin

Secretarial Phone: +90 324 341 28 15 -   +90 324 3412815

Secretarial Fax: +90 324 361 05 73



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