Department of Transportation Services

Genel Görünüm

Scientific and technological developments in our age have affected the society and human life in a multidimensional way, and increased the living standards with new technologies and tools. Transport vehicles; It has been effective in providing economic, social and cultural benefits and has come to the fore. The fact that we are intertwined with traffic at every stage of our daily life and the increase in the number of motor vehicles and drivers has brought to light the concept of "Traffic Safety". The "Traffic Safety" problem, which manifests itself in all countries of the world, is the death, injury, disability, socio-economic loss, psychological-social impact on the relatives and families of the deceased and injured, and environmental pollution. Traffic accidents that occur regardless of time, person and place, affect and concern the whole public due to their characteristics. In countries that have completed their development processes to a large extent; There is also a great emphasis on traffic safety studies, training is given in various institutions on road transport and traffic, experts are trained, various researches are carried out, measures are taken as a result of these researches, social campaigns are organized, and in short, investment is made in traffic. In addition to the increase in the number of motor vehicles and drivers, the fact that our country is in progress towards development, the rapid increase of the population, irregular construction and inadequate follow-up of technological developments increase traffic accidents and make it difficult to solve the traffic safety problem. Traffic Safety; In addition to providing full and continuous infrastructure services, it can be achieved by generalizing traffic education. With the Transport and Traffic Traffic Services Program opened within the Technical Sciences Vocational School of our university, it is aimed to make a great contribution to the training of manpower, which is necessary in the field of highways transportation and traffic and whose great gap is felt at all times in our country.

The Transport and Traffic Services Program was established in the 2008-2009 academic year within the Technical Sciences Vocational School. Formal education is carried out in the department that gave its first graduates in 2010.

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