Department of Materials and Materials Processing Technologies

Genel Görünüm

Our school was first opened in 1976 as a Petro-Chemistry School within the scope of the YAYKUR (Widespread Higher Education Institution) project affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Vocational High Schools Ceramics and Glass Technology, Chemical Technology, Glass Processing, Tile Design, Tile Design (Ornament), Tile Design and Ceramics, Tile and Ceramics (Decoration), Tile and Ceramic (Shaping), Graphic / Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Graduates of Plastic Arts, Ceramics, Ceramic Art, Shaping and Patterning, Design and Technology / Design Technology, Chemistry, Mining can apply to the "Industrial Glass and Ceramics" associate degree program without examination.

They can be fitted if they have the required conditions. Those who graduate / will graduate from departments other than those whose names are written above or from general high schools determined for the pass without examination of vocational high schools, if there is a vacancy at the end of the placement without examination, they will be able to be placed in the open programs according to their wishes and OSS scores. For this purpose, these people must take the Student Selection Exam (ÖSS) administered by ÖSYM and get sufficient numerical score.

The Industrial Glass and Ceramics Program provide training in formal education. Numerical courses are predominant in the program. According to the curriculum of the program, students reinforce the basic courses they take in secondary education and get their background information. The aim is to enable the student to compare the theoretical knowledge with practice while teaching the theory of the profession, and to strengthen handcraft and teamwork. Students who wish to enroll in the Industrial Glass and Ceramics Program must complete the secondary education program. In order for vocational high school graduates to be able to transfer without an examination, they must be graduates of a secondary education program determined by the Council of Higher Education. Apart from this, students can only be placed in the program with the university selection exam. The valid field to be placed in the program is determined numerically.

Students studying in the Industrial Glass and Ceramics Program take theory and practice courses in the classrooms and workshops of the Vocational School of Technical Sciences. 50% of the student profile is vocational high school and 50% is straight high school graduates. The student quota of the program is 30 students in formal education. Employment areas of program graduates; glass and ceramic, brick, cement factories and workshops related to this area. Graduates can be employed in public and private sectors as well as open their own businesses. Graduates of the program can transfer to Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Fine Arts Ceramics departments with the Vertical Transfer Exam. While studying in these departments, they can also enroll in Anadolu University Open Education Faculty.

Graduates of the program receive the title of Industrial Glass and Ceramic Technician. In order to graduate from the program, students must attend all the courses they take and be successful and have a minimum AGNO of 2.0. In addition, our students must complete the compulsory 40 working days of business internships during their education and pass the internship exam.

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