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The electrical program provides 2-year associate degree education to students from Anadolu Technical, Technical and Industrial Vocational High Schools or other high schools.

During the training process;

Basic theories of electrical circuits,

Basic electronic components' structure, operation,

Combinational digital circuits,

Generation, transmission, distribution of electrical energy,

Construction, assembly, maintenance and repair of electrical machines,

Regarding the design of electromechanical and automation systems,

They studies theoretical and practical training to develop the ability to draw and implement lighting and power projects in buildings and industrial facilities.

They have the knowledge and skills to use computer and computer technologies in their own profession.

Each student completes 40 working days of EDL (industry-based learning) internships in businesses. Thanks to this, he / she knows the workplace environment and businesses, gains experience in using information.

Students who graduate from this program are employed with the title of technician in public and private enterprises. If they want, they can open a business in their own profession.

Further Education Transfer Exams (DGS), which are repeated every year and only for graduates of vocational schools, they can switch to Engineering or teacher education in their profession. In addition, they can continue their undergraduate education with a direct transition at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Business Administration Department.