Genel Görünüm

Acceptance Principle, Students who have succesfully completed High School.
During the traning process;
Basic electrical circuits theory,
Elektriacal installation and implementetion
Fundamentals of electronics components and circuits,
Of the electrical energy generation, transmission, distribution,
Combinational digital circuits,
Power electonics
Of the electric machines installation, maintanence and repair,
Electromechanical and automation system design,
Programmable Logic Control
Winding technology
Learn to use the computer technology related to their professions
On building and industrial plants, learn lighting and power project..
Each students  works  intership in enterpricess for  industry-based learnig for 40 workdays . 
Students who graduate from this program for public and private enterprises are employed. They would contribute if they can open the workshop in their respective fields.

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