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Department of Electricity and Energy


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Department of Electricity and Energy

Elektrik ve Enerji Bölümü

Department of Electricity and Energy


Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Program and Electricity Program was opened in 1988 within the body of Çukurova University Mersin Vocational School. Then in order; He continued his education in Mersin Vocational School in 1992 and Mersin Vocational School of Technical Sciences in 2006. It was united under the name Electricity and Energy Department with the structure created in 2009 according to the ISCED 97 system.

Air Conditioning and Cooling Technology Program and Electricity Program in the Department of Electricity and Energy continues education in Formal and Secondary Education


İKMEP is applied in our department's programs. The Project on Improving Human Resources Through Vocational Education (İKMEP) aims to develop training programs for employment among labor market, vocational schools and vocational technical secondary education institutions based on fifth level vocational standards. In this context; Our programs under the Department of Electricity and Energy, which provide a wide employment opportunity for the energy sector in industrialized countries, have been developed taking into account the needs of the sector.


Our department; It has the possibility of Air Conditioning and Cooling Technology Laboratory and Electric Laboratory.

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