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Organization Information

Map and Cadastre Program was opened in 2002 within the Technical Programs Department of Mersin Vocational School. The first student registrations were made in the 2002-2003 academic year and the first graduates were given in 2004. After 2004, education and training continued under the Technical Programs Department of the Technical Sciences Vocational School. It was included in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning with the newly created structure in the ISCED 97 system in 2009.

Purpose of the Program

Many engineering projects of maps and maps generate information and instead apply Map Technician, especially in urban and rural area regulations, there are all public works projects, especially in recent years, the perception of information technologies such as geographic information systems, global positioning and remote maps. It is aimed to train expert technical staff in subjects such as position information, assessment and technical information regarding real estate law.


Awarded Degree

Map and Cadastre Technician


Degree Level

Associate degree


The program has a quota of 60 students in formal education and 50 students in evening education.


Admission and Registration Conditions

To have a high school diploma.

Registration and acceptance conditions for this program are made by ÖSYM within the scope of Turkish Higher Education Legislation.



Prior Learning (formal, formal, informal) Recognition of Rules

Recognition of previous education in Turkish higher education institutions is at an early stage. For this reason, recognition of previous education has not been fully initiated in all programs of Mersin University. However, an exemption exam is held at the beginning of each semester for courses such as English in the compulsory curriculum of departments. Students who have completed the learning process from these lessons on their own or who think that they have achieved the learning outcomes in these lessons in different ways have the right to take these exams. Those who are successful in the exam are exempted from the relevant course in the curriculum.



Qualification Requirements and Rules

The conditions students must fulfill in order to gain the title of Mapping and Cadastre Technician from the Map and Cadastre Program; a) To have successfully passed all courses in the curriculum, b) To have a weighted average of at least 60 out of 100, c) To have completed a 40-day compulsory professional experience program



Program Profile

Map and Cadastre Program is a program that provides theoretical and practical education and basic sciences courses specific to the field of map such as map design, production, land survey, land registry and cadastre. The main purpose of the program is to train technicians who have the knowledge required by rapidly developing science and technology, who have the skills to transfer this knowledge to practice, and can also analyze and synthesize.



Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Map and Cadastre Program graduates can find jobs in many areas related to their professions in the public and private sectors and can also establish their own businesses.



Transition to Graduate Programs

It is possible for our graduates to transfer to undergraduate programs with the DGS exam.


Exams, Measurement and Evaluation

Students are subjected to midterm exam, midterm exam (project, seminar, quiz, homework or second midterm) and final exam for each course. Although the grade of success varies according to the courses, there is a contribution of 40% of midterm studies and 60% of the final exam, if any. All exams are evaluated with an absolute grade above 100 points. At the end of each semester, students can take the make-up exam for the courses they failed that semester.



Graduation requirements

Students who successfully complete all courses in the program (total 120 ECTS), have a weighted grade point average of 60, and complete their professional internship, are awarded an associate degree in the field of Mapping and Cadastre. This diploma degree corresponds to the fifth level of education under the European Qualifications Framework.



How does it work

Full time


Department Opportunities

Measurement Laboratory, CAD laboratory,

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

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