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Department of Marketing and Advertising

Department of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing Program started its educational activities within the body of Mersin University, Mersin Vocational School in 1992. It has carried on its academic program within the body of Mersin University, Social Science Vocational School since May 6 th, 2005. Marketing Program have normal and evening education types. It has totally 100 student quota in a year.

Purpose of the program ; Development and is open to learning , the learner as well as learning methods, information, knowledge, technological development tracking, routing and adaptation ability , professional ethics and public morality compliance with the principle , consumer -oriented thinking skills , environmentally sensitive , professional development, with appropriately qualified , equipped with our country's historical past and depends on the values ​​, our school has received the necessary information to practical ability to transmit and equipped with the necessary analysis and synthesis ability , with entrepreneurial -spirited, effective communication techniques , employ primarily regional area and then at the country level operating businesses' marketing , communications, advertising , sales, research and so on. Marketing Clerk of the areas they need to train. Objectives of the program , our program have the qualifications to fulfill the criteria for professional qualifications courses identified and were placed into four semesters . Change requests from internal stakeholders and external stakeholders taking into account the demands and needs of the day on lesson plans in order to meet the necessary changes are made.

To successfully complete all the program courses (which is totally 120 ECTS), all students have to take minimum 2.0-weighted GPA of 4.00.

Our graduates; As a result of the expansion of supermarkets in these organizations; Store marketing manager, product group responsible Customer Relationship Management, and Store Shelf in the areas of editing, etc. are employed. In the service sector, particularly insurance services are playing an active role in marketing. Of the importance of one to one marketing businesses operating in this field in conjunction with a personal take place as the salesperson In advertising and publicity firms, marketing research organizations Businesses can take part in the marketing department.

Graduate students can register to 4 year program if they get enough points from Vertical Pass Exam (DGS) and prove their English language knowledge. In addition, they can register to 4 year program to Anadolu Univeristy which it called (AÖF) without taking an exam.