Vocational School of Medical Services

Genel Görünüm





   The Vocational School of Health Services was opened with four programs in 2003 and our first students started their education in the 2003-2004 academic year.  New programs were launched in the years that followed, and the school has now reached nine programs in total to date.  

    For each of our programs, special lecture courses are required. Faculty members of Mersin University Faculty of Medicine are assigned to a number of departments of the Department of Education and all programs are given education and training at a high level. In addition, there are 12 Instructors in The Vocational School of Health Services.

    If additional faculty members are needed for the basic courses, faculty from other university departments may be appointed to assist in lectures, etc.

    Our students are carrying out their theoretical training at Mersin University's Ciftlikköy Campus and their practical applications and internships are carried out at Mersin University Health Research and Application Center.

    First and Emergency Assistance Program students complete some of their internships at the 112 Emergency Service of Mersin Provincial Health Directorate.

    At the Vocational School of Health Services, there is 1 administrative secretary, 5 administrative staff, 3 auxiliary staff.

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