Computer Technology and Information Systems

Genel Görünüm

Computer Technology and Information Systems (BTBS) Department is one of the departments which has gained more importance in recent years. In our era, the importance of these departments can easily be seen when we take into considerations the improvements which emerged in the fields of computer technology and information systems and the developments made in our country. On the basis of these improvements, Mersin University is one of the first universities who established the “Computer Technology and Information Systems” Department under the structure of “Applied Technology and Management High School”.

Our department is graduating the students highly qualified in one hand with the courses compatible with the innovations in computer technology and on the other hand with the courses which are necessary in managements. Thus our students become highly equipped in the manner of finding a working field or establishing their own works easily.

It is also given importance to the learning of Professional foreign language  for our students to improve themselves professionally since the subjects either in software or hardware in the computer related fields contain mostly foreign words and phrases.

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