Administrative Information Management

Genel Görünüm

Business Information Management Department was opened in 2005-2006 academic year at the Erdemli School of Applied Technology and Management and went into operation by registering students. The department offers compulsory courses related to business, communication and computer sciences. Besides the compulsory courses, there are elective courses; therefore, Business Information Management department produce graduates who can define and solve information problems within the interdisciplinary structure of business.

Currently, the school staffs 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 4 assistant professors and 1 lecturer and 1 instructor in the department. Courses are carried out in the classes of the Erdemli School of Applied Technology and Management. Computer courses are carried out in the computer labs of the school. Students take the advantage of the social and cultural facilities in the campus.

The graduates of this department can be appointed to the posts similar to the graduates of Business Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences provided that they get the required score in "The Selection Examination for Professional Posts in Public Organizations" exam. Moreover, the graduates can be employed as business information managers, manager assistants or managers in private sector businesses or they can establish their own businesses as entrepreneurs.


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