Tourism Management Graduate Program

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Tourism Management’s Master’s Program started in 1995-1996 academic year within the body of Institute of Social Sciences. The major goal of the master’s program is to develop and educate academic and executive candidates who; - Have analysis and synthesis abilities and develop a researcher identity/profile, - follow the ethic codes in their respective research area, - identify and develop solutions to the fundamental problems in their research area, - conduct a completed study in their research area on a different and acceptable study sample, - have strong communication skills orally and in written form, - are aware of their limitations and are willing to develop themselves continuously, - are aware of developments in their research area and able to utilize the IT technologies and able to use the package programs. In order to have master’s degree students have to attend the courses of the Department or related departments with minimum 21 credits (60 ECTS) and give at least one seminar, and pass them (with a minimum score of 75 points on a scale of 100), and defend the written thesis (60 ECTS) on related areas of research before a jury of experts. Graduates of this program can work on operational and managerial levels in businesses operating in the tourism industry such as hotels, travel agencies, transportation companies, food and beverage companies, yacht-marina companies, and entertainment businesses. They can also plan their career in the other areas of the service sectors such as banking, insurance, hospital management, and retail businesses. Also they can work in relevant departments of the universities or in vocational schools as instructors if they fulfill the requirements. However, graduates who wish to continue their academic career can apply to doctoral programs if they fulfill the requirements. Students who complete the M.S.  programme successfully can apply to Ph.D. programs provided that: They have required scores from the related parts of Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES). They have the sufficient scores from English Proficiency Tests (YDS, TOEFL etc.) (Tests approved by the Inter-university Committee) and are successful in the interview administered by the Department.

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