Institute of Social Sciences

Genel Görünüm




Social Sciences Institute

Social Sciences Institute began graduate education in academic year of 1993-1994 by Law No. 2547. The Institute has 23 master’s degree  education (with thesis, without thesis and distance education) and doctorate in 18 programs. Woman Studies and Logistics and Supply Chain Management are two  interdisciplinary master  programmes of the Institute. There are 8 doctorate programmes on Archaeology, Dutch Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Business Administration, Tourism and Hotel Management, Philosophy, History and Sociology.  603 students have graduated since the foundation of Institute to May,2012 in 9 doctorates, 505 master with thesis, 14 master without thesis and 77 distance education programmes. There are 639 master students as of May, 2012.  


Our mission is to become an institution which trains researchers and experts contributing universal accumulation of knowledge in national and international level by structuring, carrying out and enhancing the education and research activities in social, humanity, scientific and master level.   


Our vision is training master students who know nation’s requirements; are aware of age’s necessities; have got the skill of critical and problem-based thinking, and can apply knowledge producing process in the best way.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"