Department of Pharmacognosy

Genel Görünüm

Pharmacognosy” derives from the Greek, “pharmacon” drug, and “gnosis” knowledge. Pharmacognosy is one of the basic and the oldest disiplines of pharmacy. The field of the pharmacognosy is bioactive natural substances. The  lectures and practicals provide a comprehensive and up to date synthesis of knowledge acquired in drugs of natural origin.

The department of Pharmacognosy carries out pharmaceutical botany (one semestre), pharmacognosy (three semestres) and phytotherapy (one semestre) lectures  in pharmacy education.

Academic staff: 1 Prof., 2 Assistan Prof.

The Department’s main research subjects are:

·         Phytochemical analysis of plant extracts (HPLC, LC-MS)

·         Fatty acid composition of fixed oil, composition of essential oil (GC and GC-MS)

·         Phenolic compounds in medicinal plants

·         Antioxidant activity, antimicrobial activity, insect antifeedant activity of plant extracts or natural substances.

Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive compounds (terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids


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