Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Genel Görünüm

Division of Pharmaceutical Technology was established as part of Department of Biopharmaceutics on the 25th of December, 2006. Vision of our Division is to educate pharmacy students as internationally well-known, highly respected and preferred pharmacy professionals, scientists and experts who can lead communities with a broad perspective in this rapidly changing world. In our division applying interactive education system, pharmacy students are also given entrepreneurship and/or leadership qualities.

As academic personnel, 1 professor and 1 instructor work in Division of Pharmaceutical Technology . Research and teaching facilities of the division are composed of  a pharmacy student compounding laboratory as well as common research laboratory with industrial perspective. Currently, 7 MSc students have been studying in our division as the graduate students of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology (graduate program) at Graduate Institute of Health Sciences, Mersin University.

The division has international collaborations with Jagellonian University (Poland), Navarra University (Spain), Paris-Sud University (France), Cardiff University (UK), Sapienza University (Italy), Laurentian University (Canada), Harvard University (USA) and Connecticut University (USA).


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