Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Genel Görünüm

Following the founding of our Faculty in the 2nd of June, 2000 with the approval of the Council of Ministers, the organizational structure of our school was made as 3 main departments. In 2006, two main divisions, namely: Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology were established as part of our Department. Students in the “Department of Biopharmaceutics” work closely with their professors, learning how to develop hypotheses and design experiments to test those hypotheses. As they learn, they are actively engaged in making discoveries and developing solutions that directly improve human health. The mission of the Department is committed to preparing both undergraduate and graduate pharmacy students for their chosen careers in fields related to the departmental expertise. Educational experiences are provided by faculty members actively engaged in teaching and in research fields such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmacokinetics, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical biotechnology. The faculty contributes to the excellence of the Faculty of Pharmacy and University through effective committee, community, public service as well as teaching in areas of their expertise. The fulfillment of these responsibilities is directed toward increasing the understanding of drug delivery, drug action, and rational drug therapy in an environment of personal, professional and intellectual growth.

As academic personnel, 1 professor, 2 assistant professors, 1 instructor, and 1 teaching assistant work in Department of Biopharmaceutics. Research and teaching facilities of the department are composed of a cell culture laboratory, a protein analysis and formulation laboratory, a gene therapy laboratory, an industrial pharmacy laboratory as well as student pharmacy compounding laboratory. 14 MSc and 3 PhD students have been studying in our department as the graduate students.

The department has international collaborations with Jagellonian University (Poland), Navarra University (Spain), Paris-Sud University (France), Cardiff University (UK), Sapienza University (Italy), Laurentian University (Canada), Harvard University (USA) and Connecticut University (USA).

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