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Department of Textile


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Department of Textile


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Department of Textile


Department of Textile and Fashion Design

Vision Statement

To become a nationally and internationally respected and preferred program in the field of textile and fashion design with high national and international recognition, developed relations with the society and industry.

Mission Statement

To be a program that can lead the country’s textile industry and contribute to the development of the industry and educate the designers which have internationally competence, adoption of creativity and originality as principle in the field of textile and fashion. 

In this context, it is aimed to educate the designers who can understand and interpret his age, have historical consciousness, adopted an interdisciplinary approach, creativity, gained the ability of researching and reaching information, are innovative, have teamwork skills, respect for scientific ethical values, responsibility and discipline, are open for improvement, have learned to learn, can transform knowledge to product, have adopted the culture of sustainability.

General Information

The department was established under the name of “Department of Textile” in accordance with the law number 3837 and dated 03.07.1992 within Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts and started to accept students since 2000-2001 Academic Year. The name of department have changed as “ Department of Textile and Fashion Design” at the 2020-2021 academic year.

The education period of the department, which is an undergraduate program, is 4 years. Education language is Turkish. Teaching staff of the department consists of 6 lecturers as 1 Assoc. Prof., 2 Asst. Prof. and 3 instructors. The department quota is 15. Totally, 125 students have graduated from the beginning to 2019.

The department aims to train designers who are qualified in the design and production processes of industrial and artistic textile products, who can create aesthetic, creative and original designs.


The current courses in the department allows students to develop themselves in the sub-branches of textile design, "weaving design", "printing design" and "fashion design”.

During the undergraduate program, students have the courses about weaving, printing and fashion design aims to develop  design culture and skills, facilitate adaptation to the digital age, teach textile technology and production processes, develop creative thinking skills, gain culture of sustainability and innovation, create original designs.

For graduation, students have to performed two internships of 20 days each during the education period.

The education program is constantly updated with the contributions of internal and external stakeholders in order to be accredited with similar national and international departments and to keep up with the development of the textile industry. There is no postgraduate program in the department yet.

Employment Opportunities 

The responsibilities and titles that the graduates of Department of Textile and Fashion Design can undertake in business life are as follows:

·        Fashion designer

·        Textile designer

·        Weaving designer

·        Printing designer

·        Pattern designer

·        Design planner

·        Stylist

·        Pattern making expert

·        Visual showcase designer

·        Shop manager

·        Brand manager

·        Fashion and textile design research and development expert

·        Fashion editor and critic

·        Style consultant

·        Fashion accessory and costume designer

·        Fashion illustrator

·        Fashion photographer

·        Artist

·        Academician

According to their interests and career plans, graduated students can be employed in existing design studios, fashion agencies and fashion houses, design, production and R&D departments of textile factories, marketing and customer relations departments of fashion brands, and further start  their own enterprises such as design studio, atelier, fashion house, e-commerce etc.

Requirements for Admission to the Department

The basic requirements for candidates applying for the Department of Textile and Fashion Design are as follows:

1. Having minimum 170 points of the TYT (Basic Proficiency Test) exam performed by ÖSYM (the Student Selection and Placement Center).

2. Having minimum 50 points of the Special Talent Exam performed by Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts. 

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

1. Esen, M.; Ilhan, .; Karaaslan, M.; Esen, R. Investigation of electromagnetic and ultraviolet properties of nano-metal-coated textile surfaces. APPLIED NANOSCIENCE, 2020, 10, 551-561.