Department of Ceramics

Genel Görünüm

This program, which started education in 2000-2001 Education, a contemporary moving past the cultural and artistic traditions of the present understanding of artistic creativity and personality and emphasizes aesthetic and technical qualities aims to educate the original designers.

      During the four-year undergraduate students' artistic, technological and basic art education, including industrial work, drawing, free forming, casting, plaster-mold, Decor, glazing, firing, Technology Laboratory, Turning Techniques, in areas such as Production and Management Accounting knowledge and skills It is expected to gain.

      They have graduated from this program, artistic or industrial hand and turning the product with plaster-mold casting unit, private and legal ceramic workshops and businesses, ceramic designer interior and exterior architectural wall applications, academic staff in their respective educational and research institutions and Fine Arts, private and public organizations They have the advantage of working as an art consultant.

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