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Mersin University,  Department of Chemical Engineering  located in Block F was founded within the body of Engineering Faculty by the Law No. 2547 that was approved on May 27, 2002 without undergraduate students.  Undergraduate education started on 2008-2009 academic year according to General Assembly meeting of the Higher Education and its first students graduated in 2012. Chemical Engineering Department was accredited by MUDEK(Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs) for 5 years ( 01.05.2015-30.09.2020). Thus, our department, has awarded EUR-ACE label indicated accreditation in the field of engineering education by European Engineering Education Accreditation Association on this date range.

Students, having completed the program, gains the ability to follow recent developments in their profession and use of update their knowledge to communicate with his/her colleagues and together with technology, evaluation of engineering solutions regarding economy, process safety, quality, environment, ethical values for universal and social issues, the ability of lifelong learning awareness the ability of team working. Chemical engineering program graduates are responsible and can be employed as researchers, designers, project developers or managers on numerous processes where production, physical or chemical transformation and transportation of materials such as minerals, metals, ceramics, polymers, paper, composites and materials related with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food, processing.

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