Early Childhood Teaching

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1-General Information

The main purpose of the programs applied in our department; training modern and innovative teachers who depending on the fundamental values ​​of the Republic of Turkey. Our basic principle is to reflect the beneficial developments in the education world to our programs and to equip our graduates with the knowledge, skills and professional competencies that can work in different environments.

The Department of Early Childhood Education, was established in 2001, offers a four-year program leading to a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.

Two Associate Professors, three Assistant Professors and two Dr. Research Assistants responsible for the conduct of the lectures and research activities in our department. In addition, other lecturers from different department also instruct some lessons at our department.

Our department offers exchange programs with six universities from European Union countries within the scope of Erasmus+ Mobility Program to our students and academic staff. In addition, our department has bilateral agreements with 20 universities within the scope of Farabi Program that enables to mobility for student and academic staff, started in 2001. Double Major application was initiated in all programs of the Primary Education Department from 2009/2010. Moreover, students are accepted to our department's programs through undergraduate transfer and vertical transfer. Education opportunities are also available for foreign students.

Moreover, 7 academic staff and 1 administrative staff work in the department; 8 Classrooms, 3 Seminar Rooms, 1 Drama Class, 1 Visual Arts Workshop and 15 offices are used in our trainings.

2. Faculty Members and Staff

Associate Professor


Assistant Professor


Doctor Research Assistant


Department secretary





3. Educational Approach and Facilities

Student centered learning /Learner centered instruction approaches, which enable to students’ active participant, are used in our courses. Students are included scientific research and are supported to participate in professional practice training.

In addition to cultural, art and sport facilities, library and cafeteria provide a quality service to our students.

4. Graduate Program in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Graduate Program started to accept graduate students as of 2020. It is planned to apply for a doctorate program soon.  

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