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I want to enter your faculty as a student, what are the conditions?
Students who have graduated from at least a high school or an equivalent educational
institution are eligible to study as an undergraduate student in our faculty if they choose the
programs that accept students according to the relevant score type after the Higher Education
Institutions Exam (YKS) organized by the ÖSYM and if they are placed in any of these
programs by ÖSYM.

I am entitled to enroll in your faculty, when should I come for registration? Do I need to make
an appointment for this in advance? What is your registration address?

At the beginning of each academic year, registration periods and places of registration for
students placed in our faculty according to the exams made by ÖSYM are announced on our
university website. University candidates can get information from

Can I enroll in your faculty with additional quotas?

After the first placement, you can follow the information about the quotas that remain open, if
any, in the Additional Placement Guide prepared by ÖSYM.

Is there an orientation program in your faculty? How does the process work?
In our faculty, orientation programs are implemented by the related departments. Information
on this subject is conveyed through academic advisors at the beginning of each academic

Can I work in the application units of the faculty and gain experience in order to improve
myself in the field I studied?

You can participate in practice activities both within the scope of various courses and
individually in the studio, workshop and application units available in our faculty.

Is there a foreign language preparatory education in your faculty?
There is no foreign language preparatory program in our faculty. In addition, foreign language
courses are given within the scope of the undergraduate course curriculum. Foreign students
who do not get a valid score from the Turkish proficiency exam study in the Turkish
preparatory program.

Are there double major / minor opportunities in your faculty?
Double major and minor applications in our Faculty of Journalism and Radio, Cinema and
Television departments have been initiated since the 2019-2020 Academic Year. You can get
detailed information on this subject through academic advisors.

What exchange programs are available in your faculty?

There are Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana student exchange programs. You can get detailed
information on this subject from our coordinator lecturers.

Is there an internship practice in your faculty?
Internships are carried out in certain departments of our faculty, and detailed information and
regulation on this subject are coordinated by the relevant departments every year.

Is there wireless internet service in your faculty?

Wireless internet access is available in our faculty units and campus areas.

Can I use the library and other units?

The central library and health and social units of our university are open to our students free
of charge.

I need a student certificate / transcript. How can I get my document?
If our students present their identity cards via the e-government application or by applying to
the student affairs department, the relevant documents are issued.

I want to freeze registration, what should I do for this?

Students who want to freeze registration can be frozen with the decision of the board of
directors by applying with a petition in accordance with the conditions in Article 25 of the
Mersin University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination

I want to cancel my registration, what should I do for this?
Students who want to cancel their registration must apply with a petition in accordance with
the conditions in the Article 50 of Mersin University Associate Degree and Undergraduate
Education and Examination Regulation.

I want to transfer to your faculty, what should I do for this?
For horizontal transfers from other universities to our faculty, an application must be made
within the framework described in article 15 of Mersin University Associate Degree and
Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulation.

I want to come to your faculty through vertical transfer, what should I do for this?
The admissions of graduates of vocational schools and open education faculty associate
degree programs to undergraduate programs are determined on the basis of the provisions of
the Regulation on the Continuation of Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate
Degree Programs Graduates to Undergraduate Education. In accordance with the provisions
of this regulation, you can follow the application conditions, quotas and points for the exam in
the Vertical Transfer Guide prepared by ÖSYM.

When and how should I do the registration renewal process?

You must complete your registration renewal and course registration processes through the
student information system within the periods specified in the academic calendar.

Can I register after the registration renewal period has passed?
If you have a documented, valid excuse and apply with a petition, it can be done with the
decision of the Faculty Board of Directors.

How can I find out the exam dates?

Exam dates are announced on the bulletin boards of our faculty, in the board section of our
website and in the student information system every semester.

The exam result of the course I entered in the Fall / Spring semester is still not announced,
when will my exam result be announced?

Exam results are announced when the instructor of the course declares on the Student
Information System.

I could not take the exam, I have a report, will it be valid for me to take the exam?
You can take the make-up exam of the midterm exam (visa exam), provided that you have
declared your report with a petition in due time and accepted by the Faculty Board of
Directors. If the final exam cannot be taken, there is no make-up exam and the resit exam
can be entered without an excuse.

What is the passing grade in your faculty?

In our faculty, 40% of your midterm grade and 60% of your final exam grade constitute your
course success grade. In order to be successful in a course, the course grade of the related
course must be 60.00 and above. If a course grade between 50.00 and 59.99 is obtained
from the course, you will be deemed to have passed the course conditionally if the semester
grade point average for the semester is at least 60.00. If the semester grade point average is
at most 59.99, the course is unsuccessful and the course must be taken again in the first
semester it is opened. Grades DC and DD of graduated students are considered successful.

Do I have to attend all classes?
Students must attend 70% of theoretical courses, 80% of application, laboratory, workshop
and studio studies and other academic studies deemed necessary by the instructor during the
term. Students who cannot meet the attendance requirement are given a grade of
absenteeism (DZ) from the relevant course, students who fail the course due to absenteeism
cannot take the final and make-up exams. Attendance is required in the repetition of the

Is there a Summer School application in your faculty?
There is no Summer School application in our faculty. Students who fail in the exams held
during the semester take make-up exams from the relevant courses.

I would like to apply to master/doctorate programs in your faculty. What should I do for

Application dates and conditions for our graduate programs are announced by the Institute of
Social Sciences every academic year. You can get information about application conditions

How can I fulfill my responsibilities regarding the lessons in the distance education process?
You can click on the link; to carry out the processes
related to distance education. Necessary directions will be given to you on this website.

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