Our faculty provides various opportunities for students to take a step into
professional life while ensuring their academic development. In line with the
interdisciplinary structure of the field of communication, a multidimensional
education program for various branches of social sciences is followed in our
The curriculum and course contents in our faculty are prepared by considering
the principle of "balance between diversity and unity" within the scope of the
European Higher Education Area that the Bologna Process aims to create. Thus,
the education our students receive is ensured to comply with higher education
standards in European countries. In parallel with achieving this standard, the
education programs in our faculty are also supported by international
cooperation and exchange programs.
In our faculty, seminars, workshops and various activities are organized in order
for our students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts in the
sector and to establish relations with the sector. In addition, our students have
the opportunity to do internships and applications in leading institutions and
organizations in various sectors in the field of communication.
The results of our versatile education programs, which are currently
implemented in our faculty in both theoretical and practical aspects, are also
successfully obtained and our students make a difference among the
Communication Faculties in our country with their professional and academic
qualities and return with numerous awards from various national and
international competitions and events every year. In addition, our graduates
continue to successfully represent our faculty in the sector with their valuable
professional studies in many different branches of the field of communication.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"