Dekanın Mesajı

Our Dear Students…

The concept of communication, which covers a wide area from daily face-to-face communication forms to digital communication that has become widespread with developing technology, has started to change and transform, especially with the new media. Likewise, communication education must keep up with this change and transformation. During the pandemic process, which led to a period in which educational activities were reshaped almost all over the world, the need to focus more on distance education methods and models that will increase the knowledge and application skills of students in the field of communication as in other disciplines has arisen. In the light of these changes and developments, I would like to draw your attention to the extent and importance of this field in which you stepped as a Faculty of Communication student. We, in line with the requirements of contemporary communication education, take care to improve our curriculum and infrastructure facilities so that you, our students, have theoretical and practical knowledge and are focused on ethical values ​​and social responsibility. Mersin University Faculty of Communication has reached a strong position with many successful graduates at regional and national level, in the sector and in academia since 2004, when it received its first students. As a student of Mersin University Faculty of Communication, I believe that our students who joined us in this academic period will be knowledgeable and well-equipped communicators with the support of our qualified academic staff, as in previous years.

I wish you all success in the 2020-2021 academic year and send my best wishes.

Hope to meet with health in Mersin.

Prof. Dr. Aslihan Dogan Topcu

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"