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Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations

Genel Görünüm

Welcome to Mersin University!

1. General Information about studying at Mersin University

1.2. Academic Calendar

Winter Semester (Semester One)

Start: mid September

End: mid January

Summer Semester (Semester Two)

Start: mid February

End:  mid June

2. Accomodation in Mersin

2.1 Halls of Residence

You will find in Mersin different private halls of residence located in Çiftlikköy near by the main campus or in the center. They are offering various  opportunities like single rooms, two bed or four bed rooms. 

2.2 Flat Sharing

In Mersin it is common that students share apartments (separated by genders!). Sometimes it is cheaper to rent one big apartment and share it with others.

3. How do I get to Mersin?

3.1. Visa

Please ensure in advance whether you need a visa for your entry to Turkey. If you need a visa, please apply for a visa at the Turkish Embassy in your home country at least eight weeks before your departure to Turkey. Please note that you have to leave Turkey after three months when you enter as a tourist. Fo long stay you need to apply for Residence Permit.

3.2. Arrival by plane:

Adana Airport is situated about 90 km from Mersin and offers different connections to various destinations. The airport is connected to Mersin by shuttle-busses of the airline.

How to get to Mersin

By Air

There are daily domestic and international flights at Adana Şakirpaşa Airport which is 65 km. far away from Mersin. You can come to Mersin by the shuttle bus of the airlines.

By Bus

The highway network in Mersin is extremely well-developed. You can catch a bus to almost everywhere and everday at Mersin Main Bus Station.  

By Train

According to the train timetable, there is a line running between  Mersin and Adana from 6 a.m till 11 p.m everyday. You can buy a train ticket in exchange for money.


The transportation to the campuses of our university is provided with various means of public transport vehicles and the vehicles of our university. It is possible to reach all the campuses of the university at almost every hour of the day easily.
The shuttle service, between the campuses of Yenişehir and Çiftlikköy, offers the students and the staff transportation service free of charge. The university buses which run at regular intervals throughout the day provide transportation between the two campuses and on the campus. In addition, a service bus to the student hostel on Tece Campus is provided during the academic year.


Typical Mediterranean climate prevails in and around Mersin. It is hot & dry in summer and warm & rainy in winter. The average annual temperature is 18.7 C. The coldest months are January and February while the hottest months are July and August. The average temperature of the sea water is 20.8 C.
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Orientation  Program

The  orientation program is organized to give  exchange students an opportunity to get to know university life, their department and social services, ask questions and meet the academic staff. “International Communication Association” led by the Erasmus Coordiantors of the university contributes a lot to the orientation program. Trips to Cennet-Cehennem, Kanlı Divane, Kızkalesi are among the activities of International Communication Association.

Buddy Program                                                 

At Mersin University, there is a Buddy Program. This program matches exchange students with Turkish students. Your buddy volunteers will pick you up when you arrive and will guide you with various matters (formalities at the university, registration at the foreign police, grocery shopping, showing you around in Mersin, etc.) and will help you feeling comfortable in Mersin.
You will receive the e-mail address of your “Buddy” before your arrival so that you can contact him or her in advance. If for any reasons you cannot get in contact with your “Buddy”, contact ESN.


The shopping center at the main campus deliver goods and services for its customers. A bookshop in addition to university book store delivers not only books but also office utensils at relatively cheap prices. Copy machines are also located in the bookshop. Privately owned cafeterias and restaurants serve variety of food and drinks throughout the day. Also in the shopping center, game halls are among the facilities that may serve for recreational purposes. Currently, there are bank offices at the campus in addition to ATMs of other banks that do not have campus branches to deliver monetary services. The Post Office provides services for transactions of various kinds.


Currently there are different bank offices at the campus, all further specialized in dealing student demands. All major credit cards are good for payment in Turkey in almost every merchandise. You may even be offered to pay in installments for the good or services you are buying.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police 155

Ambulance 112

Fire 110