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Department of Business Information Management

Department of Business Information Management

Our school was founded under two departments as “Business Information Management” and “Computer Technology and Information Systems” with the cabinet decision that was proclaimed in the 30th September 2006 dated and numbered 26305 official gazette. Computer Technology and Information Systems department has not accepted any students yet. The study period is 5 years including the English language learning preparatory class (English preparatory class is optional). 3 assistant professors, 3 instructors have been working in the department.

If you are targeting a career in Business Administration, aiming to become a manager efficiently utilizing information technologies and communication skills, welcome to Mersin University, Applied Technology and Management School of Silifke Department of Administrative Information Management. Our department which has acquired its place among the futures professions with its interdisciplinary structure synthesizing theory and practice and integrating communication discipline and information technologies. The aim of our department is train the students as prospect managers who are qualified to meet the needs of today’s business world, have strong communication skills, are equipped about the information technologies and information management in addition to their theoretical knowledge, and who can apply all these equipments for the career they choose, and do research on Business Information Management field. The graduates of this department can work as a mid level or top executive for public or private institutions, and they can be assigned as a civil servant in the state institutions and organizations on condition that they get the needed score of Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS)

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