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Department of Translation

Çeviri Bölümü

The Foundation of the Department

The Department of Translation Studies incorporates the Department of Translation and Interpreting  (German) founded in the academic year of 1996-1997 and the Department of Translation and Interpreting (French) founded in the academic year of 1997-1998 within the Faculty of Science and Letters since the academic year of 2000-2001.

The Profile of the Program

There is a compulsory preparatory class required to be completed in 1(+1) academic year with a proficiency exam before starting four-year (eight-semester) undergraduate programs. The main target of the Department of Translation Studies is to offer a sophisticated education in order to ensure the students the competences required in the translation profession. In accordance with this aim there are theoretical and applied courses in the academic program such as translation methods and strategies, specialized field and terminology to develop translation competence besides the courses developing the basic language competencies. The program includes various courses dealing with the history of language, culture, and philosophy alongside the current issues of translation such as localization and translation technologies. It is aimed at developing the competence of making functional translation decisions in communicative situations and media led by interlingual and intercultural differences and connections. Different approaches developed in the research fields of Translation Studies are also considered with an integrated view in general.

The Occupational Profile of Graduate Students

The graduate students of the Department of Translation Studies are authorized as a translator and interpreter in public institutions and organizations or private sector. The graduates are entitled to become a translator and interpreter in translation agencies, foreign representations, ministries, international organizations, publishing houses, export and import companies, tourism sector etc. They can also become an academic such as research assistant and lecturer at universities. The other option is to become a foreign language teacher in schools by receiving a pedagogical formation certificate.

Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies

The students completing the undergraduate program can start the graduate and postgraduate programs. They are required to receive a minimum point of postgraduate education entrance exam and provide the other necessary conditions such as foreign language proficiency and interview exam to apply the programs in philology or education alongside translation studies.

The Facilities of the Department

The academic activities of the Department of Translation Studies are conducted in the building of the Faculty of Science and Letters. There are classrooms with different capacities, an interpreting laboratory and also the basic educational equipment such as computers, projectors etc. in the department.  There are 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 assistant professors and 4 lecturers in the Department of Translation and Interpreting (German). In the department of Translation and Interpreting (French) there are 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professor and 3 lecturers. 3 research assistants include in the academic staff of the Department of Translation Studies.