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Health Sciences Institute

Health Sciences Institute

Health Sciences Institute, within the framework of Law no. 2547, pursuant to Article 6 of Law no. 2809, has started its graduate education with the decision of the Executive Board of Higher Education Council dated November 09, 1999. Students were admitted the first time in the 1999-2000 academic years.

Since December 16, 2020, 28 master's programs in 26 departments and 17 doctoral programs are available in these departments. There are a total of 332 students, including 210 masters and 122 doctorate students in our Institute on December 16, 2020. Most of the doctoral students have completed their graduate studies at our Institute.

14 of our students are in the staff of research assistants within the scope of article 50/D of Law no. 2547 and are working in the Health Research and Application Center of our University in addition to their graduate education. Since its establishment, a total of 535 students,  454 masters and 81 doctorates, have successfully completed their graduate courses and thesis studies. 

The studies for opening a doctoral program to the departments that do not have a doctoral program and efforts to increase the number of graduate programs jointly with other Higher Education Institutions in Turkey and  are continuing uninterruptedly. The activities of mutual student mobility with foreign universities within the scope of ERASMUS are also ongoing.