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Department of Chemical

Department of Chemical

Mersin University Department of Chemistry was founded in 1992, and has started to education in 1997. In our department, in addition to the 4-year undergraduate program Msc and PhD programs. Are carried out. Our department has been accredited by FEDEK to be effective from 15 October 2014.

7 professor, 4 associate professor, 3 assistant professor and 5 research assistant are employed at the department. Our department has distinguished academic staff carried who  out scientific studies based on research projects. Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory are available. Some of our instruments in the research laboratory GC, GC-MS, FTIR, UV/VIS - spectrometry, HPLC, TG / DTA,  X-ray-diffraction, electrochemical studies units are potentiostat.

Our goal within existing resources, to make both theoretical and practical work in the field of chemistry, to educate young students  equipped with knowledge and skills to the requirements of the appropriate level at the era. In addition to being able to teach chemistry to students; ability to work in interdisciplinary and we aim to bring collective thinking skills. Our graduates have career opportunities in the following areas: Research and Development Laboratories in Chemical, Petrochemical, Medicinal, Paint, Mining, Metallurgical, Electronic, Plastic, Textile, Ceramic, Glass Pulp and Paper etc. Industries. Biomedical and medical laboratories. Sales and technical service departments of scientific instrument and chemical companies and as a teacher in high schools.

Also our department is in  the framework of the ERASMUS programme. our students of would go to European universities, to increase their knowledge, skills and experience.

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