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Department of Physiology

Department of Physiology

As a basic medical science physiology deals with how the living systems work from cellular level to organ systems, even to whole organism, as integrating knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics and biological sciences. Besides the normal functioning of systems, it is also interested in body state in response to a particular pathology, physical activity, and environmental factors.  

The Department of Physiology is established in the 1999. It offers courses and programs for students enrolled in medical and medicine-related faculties, and graduate programs are also present. There are two associate professor and an assistant professor, 4 teaching and research assistants and 2 graduate students in the Department. Faculty members of the department maintain active research programs covering a wide range of topics with emphasis on energy expenditure measurements, physical activity tests, walking analysis, galvanic skin response measurements, anxiety and behavioral models, learning and memory tests, cognitive neuropsychological tests, electroencephalography and event related brain potentials recordings in 3 basic research laboratories.

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